Account Verification

Let’s get to know each other better - why we sometimes need to know more information about you:

You may recently have been asked to provide some background information about yourself and even about the source of your funds. At first, you may think this is an invasion of your privacy and we fully understand that. So we’ve written this guide to explain why we sometimes ask for this information. We hope it reassures you that it is for good reason and in your best interests.


“Why do you need to ask me?”

There are three reasons:

  • If you’re playing with us regularly, we want to get to know you so that we can give you the best possible experience and make sure we always make you feel welcome.
  • We want to make sure that all of our customers enjoy playing and are doing so within their means. This is part of our responsible gambling policy. Even though this only affects a small number of our customers, we still like to know our regular customers and it helps identify those who may need some assistance.
  • If customers regularly spend high amounts with us, then like all gaming operators we have a legal obligation to show that the money being spent is legitimate. It certainly doesn’t mean that we’re suspicious about you personally. We just need to get reassurance that the source of any funds played on our site is not a cause for concern.
“So what will you ask me?”

When you first register for an account, we’ll simply ask you to provide some ID such as a passport, drivers license or some other recognised, government-issued document. This may be the only information we ever ask you for.

However, if you become a more frequent visitor who regularly spends money with us, we may need to ask for a bit more background information (for example ‘what do you do for a living?’). It’s mostly just general information to let us know that all is well.

If you’re playing with large amounts of cash, we may also need reassurance from you as to where it came from. In some cases, we may need some additional evidence to verify what you tell us. This is so we can prove to our regulator that we have fully met our legal obligations. We promise it’s absolutely no reflection on you personally, so please don’t be offended if you are asked.

“Will you share the information?”

No, what you tell us is only used for our own records and we won’t share it with any other business. As always, we handle your data in complete confidence and fully within the data protection law. For example, whilst we may require employment details, we will not contact your employer as part of these checks.

“Will other websites ask me this?”

Yes, they should. All gaming operators licensed by the Gambling Commission have the same responsibilities to make sure that their customers are not experiencing gambling problems and that their websites are not being used for criminal activity.

“Who is your regulator?”

Our regulators are the UK Gambling Commission, who regulate all UK gambling companies to ensure all operators are looking after their customers responsibly, and Alderney Gambling Control.

Here’s a useful link from the UK Gambling commission about why you may be asked to provide us with financial information that includes your source of funds.

For more information about the overall requirements set by the Gambling Commission too, please visit their website.

“What if I refuse to tell you?”

We hope that after reading this guide you will understand our reasons for asking and will help us if with any background information requested. If you still do not want to provide us with the information, it puts us in a very difficult position and we may have to close your account. This restriction would also apply to any other accounts you hold with our partner sites at Rank Group. However, we would happily reconsider this if you are able to provide the requested information at any point in the future.

“I’m still not sure about this. Who can I talk to about it?”

If you have any further questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support or Customer Verification Team.

Phone: 011 435 20065